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Monday, January 12, 2009

Big Toe Pain Massage and Manipulation - More positive feedback

Dear Sir, I am a 36 yr old male who broke my toe when I was 10yrs old. . After x, rays, fish oils, needles, 4 yrs of hell . I am excited to sit here this Sunday night and see your sight{there is a God}. I think your manipulation thing helped straight away. I'm so so happy. Thank you so much Mate
I continue to receive criticism (almost entirely anonymous) from some foot experts about my posting of a "how to" video on this common foot problem.  The fact is this simple technique which is rubbished by those who think they know what is best really does work for many people who might otherwise face needless drugs, surgery and other medical interventions.  If it does not work, nothing is lost - then one can get on with the surgery with a clear conscience that the conservative methods have been tried and exhausted.

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