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Monday, January 05, 2009

Advice about self manipulating a sore big toe

For a few months I have noticed an intermitent sharp pain in my big toe. A podiatrist diagnosed hallux rigidus and pointed out the bump on the top of my foot below the big toe. He suggests X-rays and perhaps surgery. I have started using yogatoes every night and this eliminated the pain immediately, but not the bump. I tried emulating the massage you were doing as I watched your video. It seemed pretty straight forward, but you recommend getting treatment from a professional, and desisting from self treatment. What type of professional should I seek help from. Are you thinking of a chiropractor, or physical therapist or some other type of practioner? Thanks for posting the interesting video.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Gary
I have just got to get back to you about your info on Hallux Limitus and Hallux Rigidous.
I am a Physio, and I see from your posts that you are not too keen on us, or conventioanal providers.

WELL, TAKE A BIG PAT ON THE BACK mate, because you have got it 100% right.

I have been doing most of what you do for my athletes for the last 30yrs and some of your perspective is better than mine. Hallux Limitus is a much better description for a stiff Big Toe, than Hallux Rigidous.

Your method of Rx and additional info is as good as it gets.

Bruce Milne
Coach to:
Mary O'Connor
Commonwealth Games(Chief MD & Dist)
World Champs (C/C & Track & F)
National Coach
Lev111 NZAA

Gary Moller said...

Hi Bruce and great to hear from you and for you to be so encouraging.

I think there is a time and place for all the health professionals out there; but I do have some problems with a lot of the therapy going on about the place right now - a lot appears to be ineffectual clipping of the ACC ticket.

You are right about the terminology of the sore toe video; but I am not too bothered about not getting the technical words perfect - Hallux Limitus it should be and the model in the video was back to near perfect health by the time we did the posing, so it is not the ideal video. But it sure has been popular and I have had so much positive feedback - too much in fact because I am having serious trouble replying to everyone.

I learned this technique from a therapist about 1980 who was out here looking after a bunch of Lorraine's running buddies. I can not remember his name (must ask Lorraine some time). They were holed up in the Auckland area for the Southern summer and some were here to compete in the track series organised by Davies and Quax. I slipped him a few grand and an airfare to Wellington where he ran a private course for me over 3 days, including how to fix an athlete's impacted toes.

I did a similar exercise with the late Dave Welch, husband of Priscilla Welch. While I thought Dave was a bit on the brutal side, learned heaps from these guys, including to question conventional ways of doing things. Hey! - who can argue with therapists who are hired to look after world champions. They must be doing something right.

Anonymous said...

Gary, is it possible to put me in touch with Mary? I see she is in the USA as am I; I'd like to talk with her about her experience with the toe manipulation. This is Mike, dax702 AT gmail DOT com

Gary Moller said...

I do not have a contact for her. Let's hope she might see your request and contact you.