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Monday, January 05, 2009

Is USANA and other MLM schemes legitemate businesses or Scams?

I have been issuing warnings now and then about the dangers of becoming involved in multi level marketing scemes (MLM), also known as "Pyramid Schemes". One of the real hot schemes right now is USANA which has the endorsement of various sporting associations and many top sports people.

Here's a quick illustration of how a MLM scheme works:

Be warned: 80-90% of the people who get involved in these MLM business schemes lose their money. If you want to make money out of MLM, then you need to be one of the first - At the top of the pyramid. If you come in nearer the bottom, then you are in for a financial hiding.

Just to add some balance: Here's a Fox report that raves about USANA.  Oh my! - How the borderlines between news and advertising are so blurred:

I am not opposed to supplements, just the way they are being sold via MLM schemes - and who wants to take a whole lot of synthetic stuff?  Give me the natural versions any day.  Supplements should never be used as a substite for a lousy diet.  People need know nothing about health and nutrition while being a distributor of USANA, dishing out health advice along with a handful of synthetics.

So, who is Barry Minkow of the Fraud Dsicovery Insitute?

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