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Monday, January 05, 2009

I am seeking advice about my Runner's Knee Injury

Hi Gary
I am a 46 year old male
I have flat feet that i have orthotics made for me
I run a average of 800 miles a year and only trouble I normally get is the odd calf strain
I can do a 10km in around 44mins a 1/2 in 1.40 and a full in justover 4 hours I do about 4 marathons ayear.
I have now got runners knee in the left knee and receiving physio with streching heat and electro pluse. I seem to manage a 5km run every second day and by the third run the inside leg just above knee seems to get tired and niggly.
Any ideas what else to do?
Is taping the way to go or is that masking the problem? I have been doing plenty of streching at home after run.
Regards James

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