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Saturday, January 03, 2009

One hour lecture explaining everything you need to know about vitamin D and health

Here is a one hour lecture by Dr Mercola during which he explains everything you need to know about vitamin D and health.

Vitamin D research is proceeding at breakneck speed. Sadly, agencies like the Cancer Society, the Heart Foundation, the Health Sponsorship Council and the Department of Health have been left way behind. So have the majority of doctors who fail to appreciate the health consequences of low levels of vtamin D. Few doctors ever order the blood test for vitamin D and those that do seldom know how to properly interpret the results for the best interests of their patient.

In two years of reviewing vitamin D blood test results, not one person, including myself, has returned an "optimal" result. Plenty have returned clinically deficient results.

enjoy the video!

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nevins said...

Taking 1000 international units of the vitamin D daily could lower an individual's cancer risk by 50-per cent, they said. Cardio Cocktail contains 5000 mg of vitamin D3 per ounce.