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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Are Lymphacizer exercise rebounders anti static?

I heard that the Lymphaciser mats are made from nylon with a polyester rim but I would have thought that would create static & it's supposed to be an anti-static rebounder? Please clarify.

Gary responds:
The Lymphacizer brand of rebounder does not claim to be anti-static.  In fact, none can claim that unless the device is grounded and I do not know of any practical way that this can be done.

If you use your Lymphacizer bare foot or with footwear or socks that do not produce static when rubbed over polyester, then there will be no static electricity generated.  In all my years in the gym business I am not aware of static electricity being a problem with these machines.

I am not aware, either, of any credible evidence of ill health associated with relatively brief exposures to tiny amounts of static electricity as might be generated from doing healthy exercise on a rebounder.  By far the greater risks to health must be the electromagentic radiation from the numerous electrical appliances in modern households and workplaces, with the electric blanket being close to top of the list!
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