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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Raw cows milk update - is it really healthy?

For two years, our family has been using almost exclusively raw cows milk that we obtain from a cow that we have shares in. Where raw milk has not been available, we have sought out Farmhouse Full Cream unhomogenised milk from the supermarket. Here is an update.

Why raw milk?
  • Raw milk from herd tested New Zealand farmers is as safe to consume as the pasteurised kind.
  • The raw milk we have is predominantly A2 protein which has little or no association with diseases such as IBS, diabetes and heart disease.
  • Raw milk is essentially self digesting - homogenised is not.
  • Raw milk has several hundred beneficial nutrients. Pasteurised milk has less than 120 left.
  • Milk other than full cream has most of the nutrients removed (What is removed is refined into many super foods and nutraceuticals and sold to consumers at a premium).
  • The farmer gets a much better payout per liter of milk while the consumer gets it for a little less than the nutrient poor supermarket versions.
How is our family health after two years of raw milk?

What can I say: perfect health!
  • My cholesterol profile has improved and my body fat has gone down to 12%. Physical performance in running and cycling has improved despite being 55yrs.
  • My skin has improved.
  • My 9yr old son is thin, muscular and in perfect health and has been free of any debilitating flus and colds.
  • My partner, Alofa, (now mid 40's) is now 15% body fat, strong and muscular (Average Samoan woman her age is estimated to be ~50% body fat).
  • Our 2nd daughter in her early 20's who is presently living with us is also well under 20% fat and very fit and strong.
While it is just not the raw milk, it sure has done no harm and potentially done a heap of good.

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Wayne said...

I"ve seen unpasteurised goats milk in organics shops as well, better tolerated by cows milk intolerant people.

Eline said...

Dear Gary,

I would love to use raw milk and it is for sale here in the Netherlands. The only thing is, all farmers who sell it, have to recommend to boil the milk before use. What are your ideas about boiling raw milk? The reason they give is the risk of campylobacter or salmonella. Boiling would kill these bacteria - but with them all the goodness as well?

I am looking forwards to your answer.

Kind regards,

Gary Moller said...

I am not aware of a single case of food poisoning from raw milk.

If the milk is fresh and has been carefully handled, including refrigeration then there the risk of contamination is minimal to zilch.

Raw milk has good bacteria and other substances that inhibit harmful bacteria. When milk goes sour it may be foul but is still edible.

The pyramids were built on a diet of dates, figs and sour goats milk.

If you boil the milk, you destroy most of the goodness and you would be better off having commercially pasteurised milk which is less damaging.

The advice to boil raw milk is probably a legal requirement to satisfy authorities.