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Thursday, March 26, 2009

A female long distance runner with a stress fracture

A high performance female distance runner has to be thin, while muscular.  The tendency, too often, is to run longer and further while getting far too thin.  The end result is breakdown, including fracturing of bones.

Lorraine, pictured to the right, ran up to 120 miles a week and ran many, many marathons, some at sub-2hr 30 min pace and did so for almost 30 years.  She was thin, while strong.  She had and still has very strong bones.

Here is what I recommend to expedite the healing of a stress fracture and to prevent further occurences:
  • Read my E-Book "Too Thin To Win".
  • Get a body composition analysis, including bone mass using a BIA Scale like the Salter 9106 (purchase off this site).  Get body fat above 15% and keep it there.
  • Restore regular periods (This should happen once body fat is above 15%)
  • Take a 3 daily dose of Active Elements tissue salts (the online assessment off this website helps me work out your prescription).  Read my articles about tissue sats.
  • Have some quality protein and a range of fats in each meal (3-5 small servings per day)
  • Sunbathe and on days there is no sun, take 1-4,000iu of vitamin D.  Refer to my many articles about vitamin D and osteoporosis.
  • Do not wear orthotics because these interfere with shock absorbing foot mechanics.  Read my articles on weak feet and get a pair of Formthotics Shock Stop inner soles off this site.
  • Aquajog and/or swim as often as you like and only walk or ride a bike until given medical clearance to run.
  • When resuming running, run off road with your Formthotics and not on pavement.  Keep close to home until fully healed.  Run only every second day (3-4 runs per week).
  • Aquajog, etc on the days between.
  • The more you run, the more you eat while monitoring body composition.
It may be possible to resume running in just a few weeks, if these recommendations are followed to the letter.  If not, then is may be six or more weeks before even a short trot can be attempted.

Once back running freely
Stick to this advice for at least one year while continuing to monitor body composition (Body fat ~15%).

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