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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Polypill set to combat killer condition - Or will it slowly kill thousands more people?

"Trials of the polypill will start in NZ after an Indian study offered convincing results.

Auckland University and New Zealand patients are trialling a pill which could prevent hundreds of thousands of deaths from heart disease, the biggest killer across the Western world.

The five-in-one polypill, which combines well-known medicines in lower doses, has been shown to be safe and effective in its first trials on humans. Researchers estimate that the single pill would reduce heart disease and risk of stroke by over 80 per cent in middle aged and older people. The medication contains a combination of aspirin, three drugs that lower blood pressure and a statin, the drug that lowers levels of cholesterol."
..."Researchers were desperate for trial participants aged between 50 and 70."

By Isaac Davison
NZ Herald
4:00AM Wednesday Apr 01, 2009

Gary responds:
In my daily work, I see chronic ill health that is drugs induced.  Clinical trials on poor Indians, funded by the drugs industry and publicised by compliant media do nothing to change my view that this Polypill is nothing other than a dangerous extension of plans to snare every human being into the pharmaceutical net.

The Polypill is a mix of dangerous drugs that have well documented adverse side effects.  While there may be a slight decrease in heart attack risk, this is far cancelled out by increased risks of many other ailments including cancer, septicemia, impotence and dementia.

If a clinical trial shows a 2% stroke rate in the medicated group as compared to 4% in the control group, the researchers will claim a halving of stroke risk.  Of course, this is a misleading claim; but one that mainstream media grabs onto with glee.

High blood pressure is usually the result of an imbalance in the body as is high cholesterol.  These drugs do nothing at all to address the underlying health issues that cause these ailments.  All they do is mask the symptoms (high blood pressure, cholesterol etc) while the disease process quietly percoloates away to the stage where it becomes next to untreatable.

If you are considering entering the New Zealand trial, why not consider the natural health"Poly" alternatives: Vitamin E, vitamin C, Lysine and fish oil mixed with a generous helping of fresh fruit and vegetables.  And a little refreshing exercise - outdoors, of course!

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ShellsPink said...

That sounds incredibly dangerous.... there is enough danger in just 1 of these medications alone!!