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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Here is the most comprehensive explanation yet about the link between Autism and Vitamin D deficiency

If you are one of the early followers of my health and fitness blog, you will have been among the first people in this part of the world to learn of the growing avalanche of evidence that the fear-mongering about sunlight by commercially driven interests is causing widespread harm and death.

Is the deafening silence of public health advocacy agencies because the sale of suncreen is a huge revenue earner for them?  Is it because the people who run these are more advocates of commercial and drugs industry interests than the health of the ordinary person?  Is it because sunlight is free and vitamin D supplements are cheap and non-patentable?

The response of the medical authorities to the growing public interest in vitamin D is to issue a memo to all doctors in New Zealand last year disouraging the testing of blood vitamin D levels on the basis that it is costing too much!

At last, a plausible explanation for the explosion in rates of autism

There is a growing body of scientific evidence of the link between the epidemic of autism and vitamin D deficiency.  If you read my earlier post about autism and the Vitamin D Council you are again privilged to be among the first to learn of this disturbing link.
  • An epidemic of autism is sweeping the US and other industrialized nations.
  • Causes and cures for autism have long eluded researchers, with often conflicting data making progress difficult.
  • At the same time a less well-publicized but undeniable epidemic of vitamin D deficiency has been underway as a result of diminished sun exposure.
  • The inspired leadership of several forward-thinking experts has finally tied the two epidemics together and may allow for the first real progress in preventing and treating autism since the epidemic began.
  • Since most Americans don’t get nearly enough sunlight to meet their daily vitamin D needs, and since too much sun exposure can be dangerous, experts now recommend oral supplementation of vitamin D far in excess of standard government recommendations.
  • Pregnant and nursing mothers as well as young infants need special attention to vitamin D status, since vitamin D works as a neurohormone to stimulate proper brain development and potentially reduce risk for autism.

When I went though school during the 1950's and 60's, the design of school was termed the "Sunshine School" with large windows that opened Northwards and each classroom had a sundrenched quadrangle where children could sit and eat the lunches.  We all got a free bottle of vitamin D rich full cream non-homogenised milk daily.  Sickly children spent their holidays in Health Camps where they got good food, sunlight, fresh air and lots of outdoors exercise.  In our town of about 7,000, I do not recall a single case of autism.  Nowadays, it almost seems that there is at least one autistic child per class of 20-30 children in all schools in New Zealand.  How things have changed!

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