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Monday, May 04, 2009

Adrenal Fatigue - some questions and answers

Adrenal Fatigue affects as many as 80% of adults in the Western World and most goes unrecognised.  Restoration of normal adrenal function is possible; but requires patience as well as persistence.  In my exerience the best programme by far is the one that has been developed by Dr James Wilson and refined over many years.  To learn more about adrenal fatigue and how to get started on a restoration programme, you can purchase his best seller book "Adrenal Fatigue" from my web store.

With the Adrenal Fatigue Restoration Programme, each person has differing needs and many questions arise as one progresses. Often changes, such as bloating happen that appear to be setbacks. Below is a cut and paste of a question and answer response between one of my clients and Eric Bakker (ND) who is the leading NZ expert on Adrenal Fatigue:

Adrenal dosage
To date I have been taking one of each (of the 3 adrenal potions) with meals.

Have been feeling a bit low on energy lately (but relatively clear headed) so have increased the Super Adrenal Stress to 2 in the morning - because to me that's the one that seems to give me the energy boost.  So I am tolerating 6.5 gms of Vit C without any effects - which is good.

Correct, the Super Adrenal Stress Formula is the "boost" product, there is no B Complex quite like it. Generally three to five a day will get you really moving.

I have also added a bedtime Adrenal Rebuilder ... but increasing the dosage of this doesn't seem to make any (noticeable) difference.

Correct again, the A/rebuilder works slowly but builds up over time. You won't get the full benefits from AR until you have been on it for 3 - 6 months +, as it takes time to re-balance the HPA axis. The S/Adrenal Stress Formula effects can be felt with some people literally within hours, but the AR will not be felt for months, wellbeing coming back is the sign of the AR working, the person starts to feel more optimistic, less grumpy, better blood sugar control, sleep deepens and improves, libido is better, etc. It takes awhile, but full adrenal recovery is not really possible without the AR.

I believe my adrenal fatigue can be classed as moderate.

I would appreciate any advice on dosage.   (The dosage on the bottles and on the web site is different - with the web saying on rising, noon and bedtime; bottle says with meals)

 After having placed over 500 patients on Dr. Wilson's Adrenal Fatigue Protocol, I can honestly say the best dosage regime appears to be the Mild dosage sustained for 6 months + with many (as they make changes to their diet and lifestyle) or ranging between the mild to moderate dosage, meaning two of each in the morning with breakfast, one of each with lunch and one with dinner of each. The afternoon dose (between 2 - 3.30pm) is the hardest one to remember!, but also the most important one for those people who "crash" late afternoon or for those with poor sleeping patterns. I cannot reiterate how vital it is to get great nights sleep for the adrenally compromised patient; you simply MUST work on getting great sleep patterns in order to achieve great energy levels. If sleep is not good, take the afternoon dose until it picks up. If morning fatigue is pronounced, take the two doses every morning. Have an afternoon 20 minute "lie down" session three to four times a week. It will improve your sleep patterns a lot and help you to rebuild your adrenally fatigued system much quicker. BTW - always take your pills WITH foods, you will have less chance of poor absorption and will lessen the chances of an aggravation. The Adrenal Drops is twice daily, have before breakfast, and have before dinner.

Distended stomach...growing out of me trousers!

Since the Detox I have had more of a bloated tum than before.  OK first thing in the morning but a after glass of water (with Adrenal drops) late morning or after lunch or after afternoon water - it often blows out.

 This effect is due to the "upregulation" of your liver possibly due to the S/Adrenal Stress Formula (S/A). A high quality and potent B complex such as the S/A works on the second phase of your liver's detoxification pathways which can make some people initially feel bloated, farty, cause constipation and/or loose bowels, queasiness, etc. This effect whilst not pleasant is only temporarily and will pass. Cut back on the S/A to two or three a day and take Dr. Wilson's product called Squeaky Clean which tidies up the whole digestive system, you need between 2 - 4 per day. 

One point worth noting is that mid morning I have a coffee - but follow it up straight afterwards with a glass of water to dilute the effect on my system - otherwise if it’s really strong I can get a bowel spasm and really bloated tum.

I would recommend that you STOP all coffee, alcohol and chocolate until your bowel/digestive system improves a lot. There is little point in stimulating the liver and digestive system whilst trying to repair it. In time you will be able to tolerate these things a lot better.

I know the obvious answer is to stop the coffee, but I'd prefer to see if can have my coffee and drink it too :-p !!

I'm wondering if it's the water that blows me up.... any advice greatly appreciated.

You may need some treatment for bugs in your tummy, again, Dr. Wilson has a product called "BodyGuard" drops which will achieve this. I'd recommend 5 - 10 drops in 1/3 glass of water three times daily before meals. You will need to make some diet changes, which include a candida type diet. Gary can fill you more in on this.

I don't use milk anymore for my breakfast, just Biofarm yoghurt - which is made from full cream milk.  Gums though seem to be still effected a little.

Stop the yoghurt for awhile, it could well be affecting your digestive system. I'd recommend Rice Milk or Soy Milk temporarily.

Question: I am planning to try homogo milk to see if it settles down - might it be better for me to use another homogo-based yoghurt (ie. non full cream milk) instead of homogo milk.

Stop ALL dairy products for a few weeks, a small amount of cheese should be ok - but avoid ALL milk, yoghurt, cream and ice cream. Butter is fine.

Can you suggest anything here please?

Gary can assist you with a "low-allergy" diet for about 3 - 6 weeks to assist in reducing the allergenic foods from aggravating the gut. Probiotics will assist too; take a good quality Lactobacillus product three times daily before meals to help with the introduction of lots of "friendly" bacteria. Forget the yoghurt at this stage; too much dairy proteins can cause bloating and farting. You will be ok with yoghurt in time though.

Hope This all helps,

Eric Bakker ND

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