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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Brett Elliot's Herbal Detox Programme

Brett Elliot's Herbal Detox Programme is fast becoming one of the leading products sold on this website. I began promoting detox programmes in response to emergency inquiries from people who had been doing the Lemon Detox and consequently suffering terrible muscle spasms and problems sleeping.

Brett Elliot is a highly respected New Zealand health practitioner who has developed a herbal detoxification programme that is based around healthy New Zealand foods. Of all the detoxification programmes I have come across this one appears to be the most comprehensive and "healthy" - would you believe it!

Although I have not done Brett Elliot's detoxification programme myself, many of my clients have. What I can report is that participants have lost weight of up to 10kg in a week, mostly fluid and excess digestive matter. They look healthier and report feeling so.

Here is the link to Brett Elliot's Herbal Detoxification products.

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