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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Brett Elliot Herbal Detoxification Programme - Feedback from a Happy Camper

".... The programme has been quite amazing really. I have stuck to it and not cheated at all.

As at Sunday I was down to 51kg and I suspect over last few days I have lost a bit more. But my blood pressure has gone down considerably. Over the weekend it was down around 100/65 without medication. Monday it was 117/80 still no medication. This morning – and morning it is usually quote high – it was 128/84 – still no medication.

The other thing that has reduced a lot are the hot flushes. They have reduced to almost not knowing you are having one.

And I have not been taking any other supplements while taking the detox pills – I thought 20 twice a day was enough!!"

Gary responds:
"S" has been a client of mine for about a year when she came to see me about excessively high blood pressure that was not responding favourably to several medications. Blood pressures were excessively high, she was having problems with menopause, she had generalised back and muscle pain and was not looking very well. While it has been a lengthy journey, she is close to ending her long association with blood pressure medications which really were not working for her - as is often the case.

"Body - Heal thyself"

The Brett Elliot Herbal Detoxification programme has been quite brilliant for her as she reports. Many medications upset the motility of the digestive tract and gradually poison the liver. An effective detoxification programme cleanses and nourishes both the liver and the digestive tract.
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