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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fosamax Doubles the Risk of Subtrochanteric Fracture

"A 65-year woman visiting Europe stepped off the bottom step of a van and collapsed. An x-ray revealed a nontraumatic fracture of her left femur. She had been experiencing a dull ache in her left femur for some months.

The patient underwent placement of an intramedullary rod. One year later she developed a dull ache in her right femur. A bone scan showed a stress fracture in the right femur. A bone specialist recommended prophylactic rodding of the right femur, which was done.

The patient had been on alendronate for 9 years."

Gary Moller comments:
If these drugs are so damn awful, then why on Earth do doctors keep prescribing these to men and women as young as in their 30's, why do Health Department officials keep taxpayer funding of them and why do drugs companies keep manufacturing them? This has to stop now!

(If you are not convinced that the prescribing of these drugs is scandalous and causing irreparable harm to countless thousands of unsuspecting people, then you have some reading to do! Read here.)

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