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Monday, August 31, 2009

Healing Crisis? Irritable bowel? Crohn’s disease? Ulcerative colitis?

"These are not incurable diseases. But you do need to know what you can eat while you allow your gut to heal. In the first stage, because your gut is damaged, it will be easily inflamed and unable to digest food and absorb nutrients for you. Eat nothing but soups, stews and broths made from bone stocks until the crisis has passed. These have many minerals and other nutrients in an easily absorbable form, and also contain gelatine, which has magical water holding properties. This enables your digestive system to be soothed at the same time as allowing transfer of these healing minerals and nutrients to your bloodstream. Then you can start to re-colonise your intestinal system with life-supporting organisms. Natural probiotics like colostrum, raw milk, whole milk, yogurt and sauerkraut will all help you to do this."

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Dental Visalia said...

How long do you need to stay on a soft diet? So far I have only been taking yogurt and some gelatin. I still cannot stomach solids, not even fish.

Gary Moller said...

I would hope that good progress is made within a week. there has not been signficant progress it is time to enlise the support of a health professional who makes their living out of this kind of health problem such as a naturopath or a herbalist.

Please tell us what you do and how it goes. Thanks