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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Knee Pain - An Update

hi Gary, I can't believe how good my knee feels after only 2 weeks! the instability has pretty much disappeared after your advise of massage treatment. i have slight tenderness sometimes on the outside of the kneecap when i rub that, but feeling heaps better. Cheers R
Gary comments:

The solution to persistent aches and pains can sometimes be so simple and so obvious as to leave one wondering why on earth was this not picked up earlier and poperly treated by the Dr/specialist/physiotherapist?

The article about knee pain which "R" refers to was written partly to show how simple it can be to treat an injury which one usually goes running (Sorry - limping!) off to the physiotherapist to undergo hours of useless treatment! These mostly useless treatments (Acupuncture, ultrasound, cupping, core exercises, etc) now cost you, the taxpayer, over $130 million per year via ACC - up from a little over $30 million just 10 years ago. For ACC, this huge cost blowout has not demonstrated any improvement in rehabilitation outcomes.

There is plenty of evidence that medicine and physiotherapy are letting the side down badly. There is far too much treatment by numbers and far too little effort being put into understanding the biomechanics causing the pain or injury and correctly identifyijng the real source of the pain and dysfunction.

People with pain are often treated as little more than numbers on a business spreadsheet. In the case of physiotherapy, there may be a cursory examination by an experienced physiotherapist who then hands the bulk of the treatments over to an inexperienced therapist to milk the most profit out of ACC. Whether the patient gets better or not is hardly a consideration.

It does help to have a good understanding of the activity, be that cycling, paddling, running and so on.
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