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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Which Formthotics Inner Sole design is best for you?

The Formthotics Active and Formthotics Shock Stop are designed to be heat moulded to fit the shape of your feet. These inner soles support the foot, including the arch, during strenuous exercise. This support is particularly valuable as the legs tire.
A further benefit of moulded inner soles is they reduce the tendency of the feet to ever so slightly slip and slide around within the shoe. This can reduce agility in sports like tennis and is the most common cause of blisters and callouses.
Which Formthotics Inner Soles is best for you?
  • Formthotics Shock Stop - For high impact sports like tennis and running.
  • Formthotics Active - Excellent for work shoes, cross trainers, walking and hiking boots.
  • Formthotics At Work - For gum boots, work boots. For anybody who spends a lot of time standing on hard surfaces.
  • Formthotics Low Profile - For shoes with restricted space such as dress shoes, golf shoes track and cycling shoes.
  • Formthotics Comfort - Heel and arch supports particularly suited for dress shoes.
Here is the link to the Formthotics product page
How to fit your Formthotics Inner Soles (This applies only to Shock Stop and Formthotics Active - all the others are "insert and wear")

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