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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Stiff toe manipulation really does work!

Dear Gary Moller,

I just want to thank you for your video on manipulating hallux rigidus. Twenty-three years ago, when carrying my first child on my front, my right big toe became very painful. A podiatrist said it was because I have short toes and high arches so that the toe gets jammed when I walk, and prescribed orthotics. They helped a bit, but I eventually stopped wearing them and just tried to get really wide-toed shoes for my running and walking.

A few months ago I decided to learn to racewalk for a particular marathon, and the rolling stride looked like it might be a problem because of my toe. So I was looking around on the net and discovered your video, went to a local chiropractor and told him about it, and after 4 bouts of his manipulation the change was amazing. I continue to work on the toe myself and have hopes that one day not only the occasional pain, but also the enlargement of the joint will be gone completely.

So thanks very much for what seems like a very common sense and literally hands-on treatment for a long-term injury that may have resulted originally from a mere stubbed toe!

Best wishes,

Mary, USA

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