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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Book review - "On the Wings of Mercury" penned by Lorraine Moller

"On the Wings of Mercury - a self–penned autobiography by Lorraine Moller – a world-class middle and long distance runner - is one of the most riveting and highly emotional tell-all memoirs - a must-read.

Moller begins her witty stream of consciousness in self-deprecating style, where she describes her birth and how even then she forced people to run beyond their scope, in this case the family physician, who had to run just to make the delivery in time. Moller captures the reader’s attention immediately and never lets go.

Zeus gave her gold in a sense and in-turn Moller gives us an autobiography so good and so entertaining, the reader feels her indignation, her humility, gets angry right along with her and rejoices in the humor and the joy of her glory.

On the Wings of Mercury stands out amongst the vast library of athletics memoirs and rises above all others. As Dr. Peter Snell wrote, “this is the most compelling autobiography I have ever read.”

Here is the link to the Flotrack full book review article.
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