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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Trion:Z, Phiten Power Balance Bracelets - more scams promoted by sporting personalities?

A reader asked me to comment some time ago about Trionz energiser bracelets. Trionz reminded me very much of Phiten which you can read about here (scroll down a little to get to the article).  There is now a proliferation of similar bracelets and devices that come with magical claims and big price tags ($60 for something that might have cost less than 10c to manufacture).

Many health claims are made for this over-priced bling, none of which appear to be supported by peer reviewed research, or anything at all near this. If you have persistent aches and pains, injury problems, poor balance or undue fatigue, you would be much better off spending your hard earned cash on a weekly deep tissue massage, tai chi and a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis to sort out your health and nutrition requirements.

When the goal is health and/or performance, there are no fancy gimmicks or easy short-cuts.

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