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Saturday, June 16, 2012

NZTA is undertaking a survey on Valley - Wellington cycling


The NZTA is undertaking a survey on Valley - Wellington cycling. There is potential to influence the scope of facilities investigated as an outcome of this intelligence gathering.

Please share the survey ( with people or groups that might like to have input.

We are expecting a strong voice from male road/race riders, but we really want to capture thoughts of 'available cyclists' (e.g. those people who don't cycle at all yet, or cycle regularly, but might cycle if facilities were more attractive, safer or better separated). This survey is about understanding how to better cater to the needs of existing users and about investigating facilities that are attractive and safe enough to attract new riders.
If you have any community groups or contact lists that might include available cyclists please forward on the survey link.

...and if you currently ride, might ride or just have a view then you are welcome to fill it out too :)


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