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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Advice for training for a marathon

Lorraine Moller - London Marathon1980
Hi there Gary

I have read a lot about you and your training programmes. I find all your information very helpful. I have only been running for about a year after having a number of years of cycling behind me. I completed my first goal of a half marathon last June with limited training and knowledge (1hr 40min) this was a great eye opener.

I am looking at running the Christchurch marathon on June 6th. I am only able to train 3 days a week due to work and home commitments. Do you have any training programmes that I can access to help me on my way. I have been doing 1 long run on the weekend at present of about 15km-20km, 1 session on my indoor trainer (bike 30min spinning) and a faster 5km-10km.

I have no real guide lines and knowledge of what I should doing for this event as I realise that a marathon is completely different to any other running event. I would appreciate any help given.

Gary responds:
Three long runs per week might get you there but only just.  Build one run up to a very easy, slow 2-3hrs, have 2 days recovery then do the remaining two runs with one day rest between  Make those runs from 1-2hrs with one at a brisk pace.  At every opportunity, do early am runs of 15-40 minutes easy.

Here are some essential links:

Look after your feet and knees:

The exercises for strong feet:

The video:

The training:

Shin splints:

More about marathon:

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