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Friday, March 05, 2010

The Oscars: More of the same old stereotypes?

"John Pilger asks why directors and writers allow Hollywood formula propaganda to dominate the movies, with a hot contender for Oscars airbrushing a million dead Iraqis, and Clint Eastwood dispatching the truth of the struggle against apartheid while George Clooney amuses himself with the same old stereotypes."
Gary comments:
What is real and what isn't when it comes to media, including the "reality" movies?  None of these ask the hard questions of current world events such as:  Was the invasion of Iraq justified?  Was that country really a den of terrorists and weapons of mass destruction?  Why are we still getting the impression that "Yes!" is still the correct answer?  Who decides who is a terrorist, insurgent, freedom fighter or hero?

There has been very little discussion lately of the claim that what has been spent by the USA on its invasion of Iraq is enough to give every young American a free Education to college level and every American free health care.  Or, that the same amount is sufficient to pay off the debt of the entire 3rd World!  

Would spending money on these do more for World Peace than bombing countries to rubble?

Has much been said of the recent report that 65,000 former female US military servicewomen are now living homeless on the streets of America?

We are fed a pack of lies at the best of times and this is not restricted just to the way wars are being justified, waged and paid for.  We see similar lies in the health and nutrition sectors.  The lies about bisphosphonate drugs and the health risks of sunlight are examples I have written extensively about over the last few years.  Or, the lie that low fat foods make you thin - Yeah right!  We are fed these lies for commercial gain by a few powerful people and organisations who want to get their hands on your hard-earned money.

Pilger is a highly experienced war journalist/documentary maker who speaks his mind without compromise.  His career spans several decades and a dozen or more wars.  He is mostly shunned and pilloried by mainstream media who, in my opinion, give us a sanitised view of world events. Pilger comes across as an angry and frustrated man.  I can understand why.  Personally, I think Pilger is on the money yet again with this article.

Here is the article about the Oscars by John Pilger.

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