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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Crazyman Multisports race results for 2010

While envious as I have yet to regain my running form, living vicariously does have its benefits as low and behold, I captured the Moller Brothers in action!

What a fantastic race &; boy isn't Gordon the Moller family's best keep secret - he's fantastic! And I love the race for the finish you &; another competitor put on for us...I'm assuming neither of you crashed at the end!

Thank you for being so inspirational Gary - hope you're enjoying your well earned rest!
Gary comments:
Thanks for the great photos, Rebecca.  Gordon is thrilled to know that we now have a fan club (One member and growing!).

I had a furious sprint to the line and it was a dead heat followed by some heavy braking.  When he attempted to come through on the inside we were brushing shoulders; but I did not realise until I saw this photo of yours just how close we came to crashing.  Our front wheels were almost touching and he was almost skimming the kerb.   And we were really flying along with just 40 meters or so to the finish.

Our duathlon time of 3hr 25min bettered the 40+ age group record of 3hr 34min which we set last year.

The Moller Brothers (Gordon, Bruce and me) have contested 6 races over the last year.  On each occasion we have won the 40+ age category.  In five of these outings we have set course records.  What is most satisfying is knowing that we are usually the oldest (All three of us are over 50yrs).

I am now officially riding a bike better than I did at 30yrs, despite doing less training nowadays.  The big difference is better nutrition by use of the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis to guide us and the use of deep tissue massage to help restore damaged muscles back to their former glory.

Our next outing is the Snowy Hydro Upper Murray Multisports Challenge.  We need to get some more Kiwis entered in that race to show the Aussies a thing or two about multisports racing.

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