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Monday, May 10, 2010

I have blistering of my foot from wearing Formthotics Shock Stop innersoles

Hi Gary, late last year I purchased a pair of Formthotic Shock Stop from your online store. Since then I have only had the chance to run on them a couple of times because I have been recovering from a stress fracture and have hardly been running. However, on the few occasions that I have run on them I have developed intense blistering under the arch of both feet. It seems to be cause from the material on the top of the innersole being so sticky that the sock sticks to it, which in turn causes the sock to rub on arch of the foot on each foot strike. I realise that these devises can take some time to wear in and get used to but I am inclined never to wear them again after running in them today. I’ve attached a photo of my foot so that you get an idea about to severity of the blisters (on both feet) after only an 8km run.

I write to you in the hope that you have some advice on how to manage this problem so that I can wear them and not have to throw them out.
Do not throw them out!

Each of us have slightly different feet and one of the most common variations on foot size is the height and length of the main arch.

Please modify the Formthotics Shock Stop:  Get a very sharp box cutter razor and carefully shave away the underside portions where the blistering is occuring.  Shave away a little at a time until you have a comfortable fit. 

Wear the inner soles in your daily shoes until you are confident that you can run a decent distance without blistering.  If there is any irritation of the skin, lower the arch by shaving a little more off the underside.

These are wonderful shock absorbing innersoles; but you may need to do a little fine tuning.  I have them in all my shoes, including the Low Profile version in my cycling shoes.

If stress fractures continue to be an issue then you need to look further at the possibilities of some kind of biochemical imbalance.  The most common is a protein deficiency combined with an imbalance between various minerals including an excess of calcium in the diet.  Sometimes there is lead in the bones which leads to loss of bone structure.  An ICL Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis will indicate accurately what may be going on.  If you send me your mailing address, I can send you details about how to get this test done.

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