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Sunday, May 09, 2010

I have multiple health problems and feeling dizzy for the last six months

Hi Gary,
I had a look around your website and it seems you have an extensive knowledge.  I have had a number of health problems since August last year.

I have been diagnosed with a slighly underactive thyroid for which I am taking thyroxin now.  I was also told that my cold hand and feet (also turning blue) was Raynauds disease.  I researched this, but disagree since for me its not attacks as such, but rather a constant blueness in color of my feet and also any wounds.  I came to the conclusion that it must be acrocyanosis instead.

My other problems inlude dizziness, tiredness and I developed swelling of the lips, eyes and itchy skin in the last few months and I suspect it must be some kind of food allergy.  I also suffer from acne and dandruff.  The latest health scare I got was re-occuring blood after I have sex, not very much, but enough to scare me.

I have been making my round from doctor to doctor, but am always told that everything is ok, apart from the thyroid which is now well managed with the thyroxin.  I do however think that there is more to this.

I started to have acupuncture once a week and went to see a naturopath who started me on active elements 3.1 and 4.3.  I also take a lot of other supplements.  I take iron, calcium and magnesium, tumeric, ginkgo, cod liver oil, fish oil, kelp, multivitamin, zinc, aloe vera and ginger.

I would really appreciate any kind of suggestion on what I should do.  Also is the two active elements I am taking enough? and how long should I take them?

Would you have any other idea why I am feeling dizzy for more than 6 months now?
The problem you describe with the discoloration of your hands and feet is similar to what I have had since my teen years.  Refer to my Youtube Video here about how to manipulate a sore big toe.

I am now in my late 50's and for the first time ever, this discoloration is significantly improved and this has gradually taken place after following the guidance of repeated ICL Hair Tissue Mineral Analyses over four years.

If you have an underactive thyroid, the last supplement you need is calcium.  Please refer to my other articles about the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and fatigue and you will see the damage being caused to countless thousands of women by an excess of calcium in the body.  Calcium with a low fat, low protein and low salt diet are sure guarantees of skin that is prone to dryness, flaking, wrinkling and allergies.  In some cases, when massaging this skin you can almost feel the calcium.  The feel can be a bit like rubbing skin that is covered with concrete dust.  Most of us need lots less calcium and more of other nutrients.

The lining of the vagina is the same as skin: epithelium.  If the skin is dry and generally in poor condition, then you can assume the same is the case for all epithelial tissue, including the vagina, digestive tract, the lungs and even the lining of your blood vessels.  Improve the health of your skin and there is every chance the the vaginal bleeding will disappear.  If it does not, then the obvious action is to consult your doctor.  Use lots of lubricant if that appears to be an issue during sex as well.

One general recommendation is to increase your intake of protein and fat so that you have five small servings per day.  Add Ample servings of Himalayan Sea Salt.  The health issues that you are describing is most common, by far, in young women who are following poorly constructed low salt and vegetarian diets.  The most common fault of such diets is to go for many hours without significant protein or fats for many hours.  This includes all fats and not just what is found in fish oil.  If you do not have ample of all these, then the body will break down and the body will go into a state of near hibernation which is exactly what you are describing (Low thyroid, cold hands etc)

If the adrenal glands are exhausted, and you show every sign of this being the case, then thyroid function is compromised.  This is basic human physiology that your doctor should understand thoroughly:  The first action should be to nurture the adrenals rather than prescribe thyroxine.  Please refer to and do their online assessment (I am one of their registered practitioners if you want to do their first class programme).

Most of the supplements you are taking, other than the kelp are probably doing nothing much at all.  You would be much better off saving your money and use what you save to get an ICL Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis completed and then supplement and adjust your diet in accordance with what is recommended.
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