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Friday, May 07, 2010

Myra Moller: Currently 3rd ranked in the Australian National Road Cycling Series

New Zealand: If we do not grab this cyclist, we will lose her to another country.  I have told her that New Zealand cycling has had more than enough evidence and opportunity to have her.  If another country, like Australia, offers to take her on, she goes with my blessing but with a heavy heart.

Right now, she is competing as a lone cyclist on inferior equipment and no money against the best

professionally managed cycling teams in Australia and beating all but two individual riders.  Those two girls in front on the points table have several team mates each who protect and pull them along so they are fresh enough to win the crucial sprints.  Myra has none of this.  It has been a prestigious local tasmanian team called Lawson Homes which has enabled her to get to the national series events. Or else it just would not be affordable at all. She is demonstrating in the most emphatic manner possible that she has the goods to be one of the best cyclists around.  She is still a relative novice at road cycling and is well off her best which will come over the next 4-6 years. 

From tests taken after the 2nd tour show that her power to weight ratio is currently at the top end of domestic pro power outputs. and will be at an international level when she drops to her racing weight at her current power. Further details can be requested. This is good for now bearing in mind that she only resumed training in march after a long lay off.

Her ability to crank out a huge work output has been demonstrated in the exercise physiology lab a number of times as long as 12 years ago and this has been confirmed time and again with her performances on the mountain bike in competition.

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Wayne said...

talent deserves to be where its recognised. professional sports people are mercenaries, they need to look after their future, make the most money they can, one day they will be a retired athlete and what they have earned is what is going to have to tie them over towards whatever their future career is and their retirement.
sure we're all proud of whre we grow up. but we have to go where our talents can be realised to their full potential, that's why there are so many kiwis all over the world,

Anonymous said...

She is doing well - good to see. Good luck to her whatever country she eventually turns out for.