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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Are you familiar with the Austin Youngswick Bunionectomy/Osteotomy?

One of our Samoan hosts: Same age as me, a lifetime of hard
labour on a razor sharp volcanic lava flow.  Tougher
feet than the lot of us!
Hi Mr. Moller,
You may not remember, but a while back I inquired about your toe manipulation video with regards to my functional hallux limitus. I just went back to the Podiatrist to discuss the surgery option with him and asked him about your method. He said that he doesn't think that it will work because he said I have a longer than normal first metatarsal, which is a deformity essentially, and it causes the jamming of the joint.

The procedure he would like to do is called an Austin Youngswick Bunionectomy/Osteotomy. Are you familiar with this? He said he will go in and cut out some bone out in order to shorten the first metatarsal to the correct length, and then a screw is
used I guess to hold it in place.. What are your thoughts on this procedure?
Hi Mike,
Yes I do remember you and I am familiar with the general thrust of the procedure you refer to.

What is "normal".  Have a look at the feet to the left and the metatarsals appear to be similar to yours. In fact, even the feet of my son look suspiciously similar.  So do Alofa's, by the way.  But they are not booked in for surgery.  Are his feet "normal"?  Click on the photos and have a closer look.  Who defines "normal" and by who's standards?

Here is the problem I have with all of this (without ignoring your pain and need for relief). While the health system is suffering near collapse, we are spending thousands of dollars adjusting the position of a sore toe on a "normal" foot. Surely there are more pressing needs in the World?

My video this topic has had over 50,000 views, so far, which blows me away. There are obviously a lot of sore feet in Modernity.  My partner, Alofa is Samoan. In the island of Samoa nobody has surgery for hallux rigidus. as far as I know.

An obvious alternative to expensive, risky invasive surgery is to go the Samoan way: Barefoot.  Please refer to the photos above from our most recent stay in Samoa to see where I am coming from.

While barefoot may not be a practical option in your modern occupation that is dissociated from Nature, surely there are footwear choices that you can get away with that allow you to replicate being barefoot most of the time?  For example; in my office I have to dress smart.  Most of the hours of the day I wear only a pair of smart white sports socks (and pants, shirt etc) and keep a pair of slip-on shoes handy.

I just think there is something wrong about surgically intervening to forcefully try to correct the harm caused by imposed requirements to conform to the artificiality of modern society.  It is my opinion that modern society should conform to the natural needs of each and every individual.

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