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Thursday, May 27, 2010

More about thyroid issues, adrenal fatigue and nutrition

An example of extreme nutrient depletion and imbalances
I have recently been diagnosed as hypothyroid, after having a baby 9 months ago.

I have a book on adrenal fatigue and I have been experiencing all the classic symptoms of this for the last few years, particularly allergies that I never had before and exhaustion. I am now on thyroxine, but what I really want to do is heal my body so that it is in balance again and come off the medication. I know that nutrition plays a big part in wellbeing. I have been a vegetarian since I was 16 (I am now 34) but I sometimes feel like my body would do a lot better if I ate meat again. I eat pretty healthy, but I suspect I am missing out on some important food groups maybe. I know you do the hair trace analysis, which I have had before to test for allergies, but not for mineral deficiencies etc.
Thyroid problems are one of the most common issues I face daily. The symptoms of hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue are near identical.

Being vegetarian and having children is one of the most common associations with thyroid disease.  Having a child or two may be the last straw: Children are nutrient vacuum cleaners.  They can suck a mother dry during gestation and breast feeding.

The underlying nutritional factors for adrenal fatigue and hypothyroidism are depletion of body reserves of magnesium, pyridoxine, iron, essential fatty acids and protein.  Even vitamin C - to name some.  Imbalances between many nutrients may develop with calcium being in excess in the soft tissues and not in the bones, for example.

Compounding this combination of depletion and imbalance is sun avoidance due to fear campaigns by various agencies with commercial interests in keeping you out of the sun (A woman who is seriously depleted in nutrients, including selenium and with a consequent buildup of toxins like mercury - and on a low fat diet, will have little resistance to the burning effects of UV radiation and therefore be at much greater risk of sun damage to the skin, including skin cancer).   The consequent vitamin D deficiency not only increases cancer risk; but also increases general fragility and fatigue.

In the face of fatigue, thyroxine drugs are not the solution.  Restoring health through a vigorous programme of nutritional supplementation and a nutrient dense diet for several months is the solution.  If not, matters will only get worse and more difficult to deal with later.

Pet nutrition is now better than human nutrition.  Superior pet nutrition is now the main angle by which dog and cat food is marketed

Incidentally, it is possible to remain vegetarian and restore your health; but eating red meat makes the process back to good health quicker and easier.

The first step is to get some thorough testing done otherwise there is just far too much speculation and any solutions will be too hit and miss. This is the ICL HTMA (Is this the one you had done?). In fact, you might want to send me your last mineral test and I will see if I can make sense of it. This may remove the need for a further test until later on.

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