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Monday, June 14, 2010

Are there any exercises to assist the healing of my chipped ankle bone?

I totally missed a stair, my ankle twisted every which way and I fell hard on the front of my body. When it was all said and one I chipped the end of the ankle bone and had swelling around my ankle.

I've been in a walking boot cast for 3 weeks but, I take it off and do walk a bit on the ankle. The swelling has gone down considerably but still a little swollen at the injury site.

Doc says another three weeks of this!!! I would like to know if there are exercises I can do to help the healing process and to keep the leg from getting smaller than the other?
Please read my article here about my own experience of suffering a chipped ankle.  And here is the followup article here for you to read.

I injured my ankle mid 2007 and can report that I am 100% today, although there is still a wee bit of residual pain there to remind me to take care when out running over rough country!

Of course, severity of injury and stability are important factors in the treatment selected by your doctor; but I will make the general observation that most of the treatments are very much on the conservative side.  While these "safe" options are most often selected, the downside is long periods of confinement to casts and crutches and then comes the equally long and costly process of restoring normal strength and function.  A good deal of these losses are from the prolonged confinement and not so much due to the injury itself.  My ankle injury was not immobilised and you can see a dramatic recovery with little loss of ankle function or leg strength.
Same ankle just 13 days later

I would add one extra piece to my earlier articles to expedite healing: 2-4 capsules per day of ICL Reparen.  Every home should have some handy for those unexpected injuries.

When it comes to recommending exercise, I am limited in what I can advise without knowing in exact detail which bone has been chipped.  However; three weeks into it should have the bone nicely healing with a good layer of scar to bind it down.  Swimming of all kinds is a very safe and effective exercise which can progress to to kicking lengths with a pair of fins.  Cycling is another exercise as are using a rowing machine and eliptical trainer if you have one.  If it is not a weight bearing bone, then all of these forms of exercise should be safe and will encourage healing.  I suggest you consult your doctor about these possibilities.

With all exercise, start very conservatively, check how you feel the next day and maybe increase a little next workout.  Use pain as your guide.  There is no place for anti inflammation medicines or pain killers.  Your path to a full recovery using exercise is applied common sense in the end.

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