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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Is there anything you can tell me about the skin disease vitiligo?


Is there anything you can tell me about the skin disease vitiligo? Can the cell salts help ?

Vitiligo Skin Disease - More amazing videos are a click away

While there appears to be no cure for this disease, my limited experience of this conditions leads me to believe that there is a strong connection between its onset and periods of extreme stress with accompanying poor dietary habits (Stress and illness naturally upset healthy eating).

Some of the symptoms of vitiligo are remarkably similar to adrenal fatigue - intolerance of bright light for example.

Stressed adrenals are associated with depletion of magnesium and copper reserves and both of these are essential for healthy collagen, including skin.  And it just so happens that copper depletion is the little known factor in greying of hair.  If copper is severely depleted such as may happen during extreme stress, the gene which produces melanin is permanently switched off with the consequence that hair is no longer able to produce pigmentation: Hence the connection between stress and grey hair.  It is possible that there is a similar mechanism at work in vitiligo.

The following may sound a bit like a broken record; but the best course of action is to get an accurate assessment of what is going on and then treat accordingly.  The best test for you is a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis.

If you don't want to do this, then you could take a combination of minerals and vitamins on the assumption that what I have described applies to you.  This would be ICL Copper Plus, ICL Pyridoxine, ICL Magnesium Plus, and ICL Algotene.

I do not expect this to result in a cure as such.  However; this may improve health in general and may slow or halt the progression of the condition.

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