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Thursday, July 22, 2010

How is molybdenum and zinc connected?

High zinc, low Molybdenum:
Poor zinc utilisation. Zinc deficiency.
I was wondering how molybdenum and zinc are connected?

When zinc appears to be high relative to the overall pattern of minerals on the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and where Molybdenum is noticeably low, we can assume the body is failing to properly utilise dietary zinc.

Molybdenum aids the utilisation of zinc, so we can assume that the pattern of high zinc relative to molybdenum indicates that zinc is being lost from the body at an excessive rate.

As in the example to the left of this article, there appears to be a zinc excess; however, a zinc taste test confirmed the presence of a zinc deficiency.  A combination zinc and molybdenum supplement was prescribed along with a copper supplement.  Zinc and Molybdenum are both antagonists of copper, so adding these two without increasing copper intake may further lower already low copper levels.  Additionally, the copper is best taken a number of hours away from the zinc and molybdenum.

Zinc deficiency: AIDS, autism, candida, depression, eclampsia, fungus, gastric ulcers, premenstrual syndrome, post partum depression, pregnancy, viruses, immune deficiency, macular degeneration, manic depression, peptic ulcers, prostate enlargement, rheumatoid arthritis, sterility, loss of smell and taste and slow wound healing.

Incidentally, the example published above shows similar issues going on between manganese and chromium.  This person is losing chromium and risks increasing insulin resistance as the years pass - one of the consequences of chromium deficiency.  This may ultimately result in diabetes.  The other pattern of interest is the high calcium relative to sodium, potassium and copper.  This will drive a number of health issues, including gall bladder disease, hypothyroid and arteriosclerosis.  There is also a relationship between the elevated chromium and the high calcium.

All of these complex inter-relationships between minerals is further complicated by vitamins and other substances.  For example, my earlier article about vitamin C and cancer cautions against indiscriminate use of vitamin C to prevent cancer because vitamin C is known to deplete copper stores.  Low copper is associated with increase cancer risk.

The message is this: Give only modest amounts of supplementary nutrients, 
only where needed and over a long time.  No Big Hits.

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