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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

An update on my personal journey back to health fitness

My 30's and 40's were characterised by chronic fatigue and stress, as is the case for so many of us who are trapped in the rat race of paying the mortgage, feeding the family and getting ahead in business and careers.

The usual response to stress and fatigue is to go join a gym, run or cycle and further beat up body and mind!  I was no exception.

By the time I was 50 I was physically and mentally burned to the bone.  Running was a painful shuffle, cycling was not much better.  My enthusiasm for work was gone and there were disturbing goings-on with my health:  Blood pressure was up and down like a yo-yo, cholesterol was creeping ominously upwards and my skin was breaking out in raw patches of precancerous solar kerastoses.  I was unhappy about this state of affairs to say the least.

The last ten years have been a fascinating journey of discovery as I have sought to reverse these detrimental change.  I have had stunning success.  But it has taken every day of the last 10 years to turn the ship around.

  • The skin is now 100% clear and I have not been to the skin specialist for 5 years - there has been no need
  • Cholesterol is healthy
  • Blood pressure is stable as
  • Muscles no longer hurt
  • My brain works better than ever
  • My enthusiasm for exercise and competition is restored
In fact, my improvements in mountain biking have stunned me.  I am definitely riding better than I was 30 years ago.  Such is my health in general.  In my last bike race I could barely believe it when I found myself up with some of the best MTB cyclists around, including former NZ representative and pro elite cyclist, Wayne Hiscock.  I lapped riders who I have never previously beaten.  Stunning.  I can still hardly believe it and I did so with relative ease.

And bear in mind that I am 57 in a few months.  Hardly a Spring chicken compared to guys I am duking it out with.

Results from Round 2 of the CX Series - California

Fast Race- 60 mins plus one lap
1. Edwin Crossling (19 laps)
2. Alex Revell
3. Waghorn
4. Davo Bushlove
5. Gary Moller 
6. Wayne Hiscock
7. Alistair Crossling
8. Hayden Richards
9. Mike Thompson
10. El Jefe
11. Ben Murphy
12. Team Vegan
13. Thirsty Hirsty
14. Mike Milner
15. Cameron Wood
16. Andrew Leck
Nick the Schleckmeister Phillips 18. Chris Contador Costley 

Results such as these are powerful validation that what I am writing about and advising clients to do are on the right track.  There is no quackery: Just solid science mixed with many years of practical experience.

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

Congratulations Gary, It seems it is only when we experience something ourselves that we seem to be able to help so many others. Thank you for your website and all the information and articles. I am continuing to improve in health. The free self assessment on your website, your encouraging words,and smile, HMTA and Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome book were the basis of my recovery. I am eating a lot more whole foods, juicing and eating more beans and organic foods. There is so much information on the net and in the local libraries that I encourage others to do their research and freely discuss options with someone like yourself. We only know what is right for us, no one else does and each one of us has a choice.
I am not out and about going for walks or runs because at the moment I am chosing not to. I am losing weight and loving the experience of looking after me and now the family as well. Best wishes to you and your beautiful support team (Your Family)