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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Junior doctors win free drinks case - A good example of the brainwashing of impressionable youth

A row over whether junior doctors should get $250,000 worth of free drinks a year has damaged their relationship with the Canterbury District Health Board, their association says.

The Resident Doctors' Association (RDA), representing 460 Canterbury junior doctors, took a case against the board for failing to consult before withdrawing pre-packaged drinks from the free meals doctors are entitled to.

The association said it was important for busy doctors to keep well hydrated.
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The water bottling companies have been very effective over the last decade or so with their slick marketing campaigns to have us all drinking their water from our fresh water springs.  In so doing, they have managed to create mountains of plastic rubbish.

$250,000 per year of your and my taxation money to supply doctors in just one health region with bottled water!  

New Zealand supplies some of the best water in the world via the tap; but this has not prevented the wholesale switching of the populace from tap water to bottled water.  Marketing has been directed at the youth of this country, via mainstream advertising and very much by sponsoring sports events and athletes such as our triathletes and rugby players.  Parents are encouraged to send their child to Kindy with a bottle of water.

In New Zealand, the sale of bottled water, including sports drinks is a multi million dollar industry.  It has clout.  Few sporting magazines, if any, would risk publishing an article like this lest they lose their bottled water advertising revenue.

Sports events promoters actively encourage participants to "hydrate" before, during and after the event.  This advice completely ignores the facts that death by not drinking enough water during a sports event is an extremely rare event; whereas death by drinking too much water is on the increase.  Such is the power of the dollar that health and safety messages can be dangerously distorted.

Incidentally, most NZ bottled water comes from the Waihou Stream on the outskirts of my home town of Putaruru.  It is unsettling how the local Council has gone about selling the rights to this water.  First of all, the rate payers know very little about the details of the contracts due to "commercial sensitivity".  The water appears to be going for next to nothing and for little benefit for the local populace.  Water is valuable and one would expect, at the least, that there would be tangible benefits to the locals, like reductions in rates.  But this is not the case.

Cut off the water to force the public buy it in bottles

Instead, the municipal water supply to Putaruru is only partially supplied by the pristine waters of the Wiahou nowadays.  There is a "Water Park" in the centre of the town which was opened with my sister, Lorraine, present (Lorraine was Putaruru's "Water Ambassador" at the time) to highlight and celebrate Putaruru's water which, it is claimed, is the best mineral water in the world.  There was a tap as part of the Water Park.   Motorists would stop at the park to fill up containers to take home.  Somebody of influence must have objected to this, because the supply was cut so that the only water is now a pathetic dribble!  It an embarrassment to me and I now think the Water Park is a bad joke.

Back to the doctors and their $250,000 habit:  If the young doctors have done their medical studies well they would know that the most important form of hydration is of the intracellular compartment and not so much the extracellar compartment or even the blood.  They would know that hydration of the intracellular compartment depends not so much on how much one drinks; but more on there being adequate tissue salts and that these be in balance.

How to Brainwash a person  - Just add water!

Drinking too much water, or water with just a few salts and not the lot in balance can cause intracellular dehydration because the constant peeing of excess water flushes out some of the already depleted tissue salts which the body is desperately trying to retain.  The cell will reduce the water it has inside itself in a desperate effort to maintain the correct tissue salts concentration.

Constant sipping and guzzling water and sports drinks dilutes the digestive juices, reducing digestion further depleting the body.  Sports drinks rot the teeth and gums and may even set a person up for diabetes.  One would expect a young doctor to know these consequences.  Or would we?

Brainwashing from an early age may be so powerful that the lie may continue to supplant the truth for an entire lifetime - even in the face of overwhelming evidence that the lie is just that - a lie.  And replacing harmful habits with healthy ones are easier thought about than done!  On we go harming our health and causing untold damage to the planet.

New Zealand tap water is generally very good and arguably as good as the water we have served up in a plastic bottle.  My advice to Deborah Powell, spokes woman for the junior doctors is this:

Advise your members to drink less to improve their health and drink water from the tap.

One assumes that hospital water is clean. Their employer could assist this difficult habit change by issuing each doctor with a single reusable water container which they can fill when they wash their hands.  We would hope that that is one habit they do more often!

Please read my article "Drink more water, drink, drink, drink"

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