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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Beginning the road to recovery from chronic fatigue and exhaustion

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Hi Gary

I came to see you a couple weeks ago suffering from long term fatigue and exhaustion among other things following the birth of my two kids. I am excited to say that thanks to you I am slowly getting my life back. The vitamins and minerals and new diet regime is fantastic and I've noticed a significant increase in my energy levels and and general wellbeing.

Thanks again. Nicki
It is usually the case that the causes of so many ailments are quite straightforward.  It is also usually the case that medicating a "modern" health problem does nothing to resolve the actual causes of which there may several.

Treat the causes and not just the symptoms

In Nicki's case, she has several nutrient deficiencies and imbalances that are working against her health
and well-being.  Here are some (Not all by a long stretch):

  • Excess calcium relative to most other nutrients (underactive thyroid, fatigue, depression)
  • Low sodium relative to magnesium and calcium and excess potassium relative to sodium (low energy, depression)
  • Zinc deficiency due to molybdenum deficiency (post partum depression)
  • Low manganese (fatigue and adrenal insufficiency)
  • Low selenium (Hypothyroid, anaemia)
  • Near zero boron (lethargy)
By steadily correcting these imbalances with a change of eating habits and carefully tailored nutritional supplements, Nicki can expect improvements in health and energy.  This process of recovery is slow and may take a few years to completely reverse a process of decline that may have been there from birth and steadily getting worse.  It is often the birth of a child or two that brings matters of deficiency and imbalance to a head.  This is because the gestating child is a nutrient vacuum cleaner.  Mother is sucked dry.

The restoration of health with nutrition is not usually a steady process: It is usual for there to be a series of steps and plateaus and the occasional backslide.  The people who do extremely well are the ones who hang in there no matter what.  Their focus is on the long term.

I will publishing some of our success stories now and then from here on, so keep an eye on this blog.

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