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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I am a 59 year old woman with arthritis in the knees

I am trying to attend a gym about 3days a week, and they suggest I take a multi vitamin, but so many to choose from.  I seem to be tired alot.I also have arthritis,and especially in my knees[have just had them xray] and they seem to be on the move again.

I am not on any medication.  Have been taking Nutralife High Potency Joint Care,which doesnt seem to be having a effect at the moment and still got another 2 jars left to take yet.

Is there something else I should be taking with these?  Only be taking them about 5 weeks.
The Nutralife Joint Care may be of benefit but you need to use this consistently for about three months at close to the maximum dose on the label before you will know for sure.

I am generally not all that keen on multi which is very much a hit and miss approach to nutrition.  It is much more preferable that a person completes a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and then changes their diet and choose supplements going by what is found in the testing.

Fatigue and arthritis are often associated with an excess of calcium in the diet and a relative deficiency of magnesium, so in the absence of any testing, you could work on reducing your calcium intake by cutting out dairy for a start and take a magnesium supplement daily.

There are a number of other nutrients that may contribute to joint degeneration and fatigue when in deficiency or excess.  These include copper, zinc, boron, cobalt and selenium.  lack of protein is common.  Testing will indicate what, if anything is out of balance.

With regards to joint supplements, the Nutralife Joint Factors 4500 may be better suited for your age and condition; but finish what you have first, or get some Joint Factors and alternate daily.

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