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Thursday, August 26, 2010

I don't wish to go under the knife anymore, rehab was very trying and painful

"I have had pain in both knees for about three years and have had needles injected with no relief . I recently had a left hip replacement and I'm in need of another one on my right side. 

This is all do to Osteo Arthritis I'm told due to aging and wear and tear. Also, I underwent an MRI on 8/04/10 for back pain and was told that I have bulging and herniated discs and again arthritis in my lower back at L4 & L5 and also a few others. I also suffer from Spinal Stenosis and I'm unable to stand for more than ten minutes without experiencing terrible lower back pain. XXX also has pain in both knees and lower back. 

XXX and I are seventy three and seventy years old respectively and would like to know your opinion on what would be best for us to try to relieve our pain problems. At present we are trying (this all appears on the label) Member's Mark All Day Extended Release, Glucosamine Chondroitin, Glucosamine HCI 1500 mg.* Chondroitin Sulfate Sodium 1200 mg per serving, and Supports Joint Comfort & Mobility. Instructions read that we are to take three caplets daily. We would very much appreciate any input of information you can supply to us as we don't want any more operations in these later years of our lives. 

My hip replacement went very well but I don't wish to go under the knife anymore, rehab was very trying and painful."

Let's see what we can do about getting your byline replaced by something more positive than "Tiredandold", such as "Fullofbeans".

I have now done hundreds of hair tissue mineral analyses on people with health problems.  Fatigue, sore and aching joints are at the top of the list.  There are common factors that run through most of these:

  • Low fat diets
  • Low salt intake
  • Excess carbohydrates
  • Insufficient protein spread over the say
  • Insufficient minerals and vitamins
  • Excess calcium
  • Vitamin D deficiency
  • Medications for conditions to control reflux, blood pressure, cholesterol and depression to name a few.
We have been brainwashed to believe that taking calcium in calcium rich foods and supplements will strengthen our bones.  This is untrue: Excess calcium relative to minerals like sodium, iron, zinc and magnesium will actually worsen osteoporosis and the calcification of soft tissues, including joints.

Excess calcium causes osteoporosis

Many health messages, including going low salt and cutting fats is misdirected and causing far more health problems than they will every solve.

Many medications, such as statins can destroy healthy muscle and cause excruciating joint and bone pain.  Statins may marginally reduce heart attack risk while this is more than offset by increasing risk of heart failure.  This is one class of drugs that should be banned.

Statins cause heart failure

Low protein intake over the day will weaken the bones and muscles and be one of the drivers behind fibro and polymyalgia.  This is very common nowadays, especially among the elderly and young women who grew up watching the Disney Channel and led to believe that fish really do go to school and eggs are living beings.

Low protein intake weakens the bones

While the joint supplement you are taking may give some relief, I doubt it is dealing with the underlying drivers of your respective health problems.

You are never too late to improve your health and age is no barrier.  The first step is to obtain a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis to find out exactly what is going on inside both of your bodies and what corrective action to take.  Once you have your results we can go over them using either Skype or by phone, given that you live in the States.  Here is the link to purchase the test.  You need Profile Two.  I need a physical address to send the hair collection kit to.

While you are waiting for the results of the tests, please look carefully at your daily food intake.  Ensure that everything is nutrient dense.  This means preparing your food from a wide variety of raw products, rather than out of the packet.  You need to ensure there is fat and protein in each meal.  You should go no longer than three waking hours without eating a little quality protein.  You should have 3-5 small nutritious meals spread evenly over the day.

Before it goes into your mouth ask: "Where is the protein?"

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