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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Product feeedback from a satisfied customer

A bit of feedback: 
The Back Pain book is terrific. An easy read for us non medical types yet you feel like you are getting a better understanding of the problem as you read. The exercises are easy to remember and it is easy to check up you are still doing them correctly after a couple of days. I have been doing a few on the floor watching some great rugby in the ITM Cup. Notice I feel less angst about my back. Such a simple solution to avoid potential problems.

The Salter Scales are also very clever. I think I weighed myself more times in the first week I had them than in the last decade. (I have never had a problem with weight although must admit I weigh a few kilos more than I thought I did in 2001). I will start keeping a record of the results and let you have a look in 2-3 months. I am 188cm 52 years old and weigh 78-79kgs have bone density between 2.6 & 2.8, body fat normally in the 13's somewhere (occasionally drops into the 12's), Body water around 63 on average (never below 60) and muscle maybe an average of about 42 but never less than 40?? (I used the athlete mode but then doesn't everybody!!)

Algotene. Somewhere on your site I read on the holy grail to health and fitness you go through periods of improvement and plateaus. After 3-4 weeks of taking Algotene I think it has me moving off the plateau not in measured performance but just a general feeling of well being, more good advice, 

Thanks Paul.  

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