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Thursday, August 19, 2010

I have bruised the bone on the inside of my knee and it won't heal

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Back in the summer I fell off my mountain bike and smacked the inside of my knee on the top tube, I guess I bruised the bone and it has been sore ever since. It’s pretty boney in there, which is sore to touch. I have rested it, iced it, massaged it, antiflamed it, stretched it just about everything I can think of. It doesn’t appear to be a tracking problem, the actual knee and kneecap seem to be running freely, just stiff and sore on the inside of the knee when straightening. Any ideas?

The injury appears to be either the medial ligament or to the adductor tendon where it wraps around the medial tibial plateau.  Both these injuries can be very slow to heal.  Incidentally, I wiped out on by mountain bike on the weekend and suffered the very same blow to the side of the knee!

Treatment is as follows:
  • Firmly massage the affected area and surrounding tissue.  This should include the entire thigh as well as where the adductor tendon attaches to the tibia.  Massage the entire length of the adductor.  It is best you do both legs while you are at it.  You will need and hour.
  • Leave it alone for a week and then repeat the massage weekly until there is no further pain.
  • Cycle, stretch and generally exercise inbetween.
  • Keep warm.  Do not bother about icing the area.
  • Take two ICL Reparen in the am and two in the pm daily until recovered.
  • If you have access to a near infrared lazer (I have one) then use it on the sore spot about every 2nd day.  This will halve healing time and works brilliantly with the massage and Reparen.
In future, when wiping out, ensure that legs are spread wide whilst pushing the bike forwards and outwards to gracefully land with a single pirouette, finishing in a relaxed sitting position from which one can quickly  give the pretence of an intended stop to admire the view.
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