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Sunday, September 12, 2010

I need hormone replacement therapy now,cortisol,thyroxine and desmopressin

Hello Gary,
I came across your website while researching tendonitis,waiting another week for a specialist appointment,really unable to work or do much at all.

I am six months out from craniopharyngioma surgery,very little pituitary stalk remaining and now trying to manage pan hypopituitarism.

My issues are many as you can imagine,I need hormone replacement therapy now,cortisol,t hyroxine and desmopressin.

Basically I feel I have little to no immunity,have been suffering from viruses and sinusitis and chest infections,you name tendonitis.

I take some supplements,fish oil,echinachea,osteoeze,calcium,magnesium,and prior to tumour removal also took vitamins B and C,now I am almost unable to take the vitamins as they seem to interfere with the action of the desmopressin and have me urinating very frequently(B and C have always made me do this,but now it concerns me that it is somehow working against the medication).

I have gained weight and have gone from being a salt person to a sweet tooth,and have read so much on the internet am totally confused about what I really need.

I am so continually unwell that I am a shadow of my former self and am only barely coping with everyday life and taking a lot of time off work,and when at home sleep half the day.

I really need some solid advice,I have to take these medications to live,but I need to live better than this.

The pituitary, adrenals and thyroid work in a dynamic and very delicate balance between each other. If one is dysfunctional such as is the case with your pitutary, then the others may well be thrown into disaray.

A weak immune system, tendon and ligament problems, including fibromyalgia are associated with adrenal and thyroid problems because these central to immune health including tregulating inflammation.

An underactive thyroid results in parathyroid gland dominance which will lead to loss of calcium from the bones and deposition of calcium into the soft tissues.  This may be felt as increasing blood pressure, hardening of tendons and ligaments and fibromyalgia.

Muscle tension due to calcium excess relative to magnesium will result in muscle tension.  This will reduce bladder volume and incomplete emptying.

Here is what I suggest:

Please purchase and read the book "Adrenal Fatigue" by Dr james Wilson.  Read it carefully and commence the dietary guidelines immediately.  Please complete the Patient Questionnaire in the book and send me the results which will have you rated as mild, moderate or severe.   Once I have this information  from you I will recommend a prescription of nutrients designed by Dr Wilson to support your galndular system swhile taking account of your medications.
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