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Friday, November 19, 2010

Dietary Restrictions with Gout

My husband has real problems with gout.
He finds he gets a gout attack within an hour after eating even a small amount of any green leafy vegetable (including rocket, spinach, cabbage), capsicums, peas & beans, mushrooms, asparagus, salami and some sausages.
We also avoid the usual gout causers such as several types of seafood, liver and red wine.
He finds he can only really eat yellow, orange or white vegetables and broccoli or zucchini.
I find these dietary restrictions challenging when trying to prepare balanced nutritional family meals, and set a good example for our primary school aged son.
I also wonder what the long term effects on my husbands health might be from lacking nutrient areas and how we should be addressing this.
He is taking Allopurinol, Fish Oil, Glucosamine and Betaloc.

Many thanks !

While dietary restrictions are necessary for now, the real solution lies with dealing with the "Elephant in the room" - Betaloc.

Gout is a common adverse effect of Betaloc.  Betaloc is known to cause kidney damage.  Betaloc is prescribed for high blood pressure; yet the crazy thing about this drug is the damage it can cause to the kidneys will cause further rises in blood pressure of the kind that is resistant to any kind of treatment.

There are safe and effective ways to maintain healthy blood pressure without resorting to potentially harmful drugs.  The first step is to get a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis completed and to use the results to guide diet and lifestyle interventions.  The root causes of high blood pressure are usually to do with calcification of the blood vessels, magnesium and B6 deficiency and imbalances between sodium and potassium.  Chronic stress can exacerbate these. The hair analysis will help identify the exact mix of causes and guide us in developing an effective intervention.

Relying on diet alone to control the gout is futile over the long term.  The condition will only tend to worse and complications will set in, including ones associated with nutritional deficiencies.  The problem is with the blood pressure medication.  The usual medical response is to prescribe more medications which serves only to further complicate matters even more.

Prescribing more medication to counter the complications of another is know as the "Cascade Effect".

"Cascade Effect": One drop on another and another until it becomes an overwhelming torrent!

Gout associated with blood pressure medication calls for an urgent review of your husband's medication with the most obvious action being cessation of the offending pills.  This action needs to be discussed with the doctor who is prescribing the medication.

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