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Friday, November 19, 2010

Hi Gary

We wanted to quickly ask your advice - our son (18months) gets excema, and I have recently experimented by taking him off milk and replacing it with a kids soy milk. His excema has calmed down but has not gone completely however it seems less severe.
Is it safe to give the kids just soy - or do they need the nutrients in cows milk? I'd love to hear your thoughts,
Thanks so much
I am not a fan of soy milk.  While fermented soy products have nutritional merits, I am not that sure of the nutritional benefits of soy milk which appears to an over-processed product that is devoid of nutrients.  Soy milk is just one of many, many industrially processed food items that are replacing healthy wholefoods that once dominated our supermarket shelves.

Milk is better nutritionally; but not much more, if overly processed.  The process of pasteurisation is said to reduce the number of nutrients in milk from over 900 down to about 120.   Homogenisation whereby the fat molecules are broken up so it disperses evenly is hotly debated as to possible consequences to health.

An unhealthy association

When fat is removed from milk so are many of the remaining nutrients, including the fat soluble vitamins - A, D, E and K.  What remains is a little protein, calcium and lactose (sugar) and not much of anything else.  I would not feed fat reduced milk to anybody, especially a child because all you are doing is ingesting excess calcium and giving a short sugar hit.  Excess calcium, with little in the way of other vitamins and minerals, especially the fat soluble ones and magnesium, will be contributing factors in cases of eczema.

A low fat, low nutrient diet for a child is a sure guarantee for poor concentration at school, difficulty sleeping, constant illness and obesity.  The food industry has done a remarkably effective job tricking us into believing that these foods are actually healthy and are best for producing strong and intelligent children who will go on to be champion athletes and great scholars.  This is simply not true.

An unhealthy association
The food industry is using the very same tactics that were refined to perfection by the tobacco industry decades ago to dupe people into believing that cigarettes are healthy for you, when they knew all along that tobacco is deadly harmful.  The tactic is to recruit health experts and sporting heroes to lie through their teeth the exact opposite of what is really the truth (Of course, many athletes and health experts couldn't care less so long as the money is good and many others are so brainwashed or too ignorant, so they actually believe what they are saying!).

It must be right because 20,679 Physicians say so - Yeah right!

Iron Man Food - Yeah right!

My youngest, Alama, has been raised on raw full cream milk which we get direct from a farmer.  He is healthy, fit and strong. Thin, while muscular.  Raw milk has been good for him as it has been for the rest of the family, including myself (cholesterol levels have become healthy since switching to raw full cream milk, btw).  Please refer to this article about my own remarkable improvement in health.

 If you can not access raw milk, the next best thing is Silvertop Milk.  The most available silvertop milk in New Zealand is the Farmhouse brand silvertop milk.

Eczema and asthma (The same condition; but with different manifestations) were serious issues for my children and it took several years to figure these out and to find non-drugs solutions that worked.  Both children who were affected with asthma and eczema are now 95% clear and living life to the full without limitations or drugs.  Having said this, there are no "one size fits all" solutions.  Contact me for a consultation if you would like my assistance with finding healthy solutions that works for your child.

We are all the same while all being different, so go for tailored health solutions

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