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Monday, November 15, 2010

Finally - A win in the PNP Mountain Bike Finals!

No 57 hammering down the Aratahi Track, Makara Peak
It's been a long time coming - like just 20 years of mountain bike racing.  I won!

I am riding at about the same pace, or faster than I was in 1980 when competing as a Roadie with the PNP Club.  That's two age group wins in a row over the last few weeks.  Not bad for a 57 year old, if you don't mind me saying.

Marco Renalli, Gary Moller,
Ant Bradshaw
This is affirmation that the combination of deep tissue massage to restore punished and damaged muscles; plus nutrition as guided by the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis works and can give spectacular results.  And these sporting achievements are happening with less training than ever.

However; this process of restoring health and vitality takes time.  I have been plugging away at restoring my own health and getting the legs back into good working order for a good five years with this combination of therapies.  It has only been this year that it feels like the brakes are finally disengaging.  There is still more to be gained.

So, to all my clients who are following similar programmes, the message is this:  "Hang in there!"
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Wayne said...

anyone relying on a typical western diet to maintain their health into their latter years will struggle to maintain decent all round health.
most people make it to old age today by virtua of the fact physical exertion isnt a pre requisite to making it to old age, their bodies would be stripped bare of what little essential nutrients they contain from diets stripped of those essential nutrients. plenty of our top sports people form the past have died long before their time because of this

Marion - Caring Medical Prolotherapy said...

Great to see focus on enhanced performance through natural methods! So often we see people struggling with chronic pain that haven't fully examined what's out there to get them back into their favorite activities. It's great to see others advocating alternative therapies and nutrition as part of an effective training regimen!