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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Support Healthy Intestinal Function in Times of Stress and Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal hormones help modulate digestive function, and both stress and fatigued adrenals often disrupt digestion and elimination. Not only can this create discomfort and irregularity, but may interfere with gut integrity and barrier function essential for proper absorption of nutrients and protection from noxious intestinal substances.

Conversely, the adrenal glands require specific nutrients to function, and optimal digestive function is necessary for efficient nutrient absorption. A nutritionally inadequate diet that is high in sugar, caffeine and junk food places daily stress on the body. The stress increases the nutrient requirements of the adrenal glands at the same time it deprives them of specific nutrients they need to respond to the stress. This alone can lead to adrenal fatigue or make the body more vulnerable to adrenal fatigue when any additional stress, such as the busy holiday season, is added. Sedentary lifestyles, diets high in refined foods and holiday eating help to aggravate this problem.

By promoting efficient nutrient absorption and effective elimination of toxins, precisely-formulated dietary supplementation for optimal gastrointestinal health, combined with a nutrient rich diet, can play an important role in supporting adrenal function and stress hardiness as well as enhancing digestive comfort and function.

If you feel you have a degree of adrenal fatigue, or poor digestion that seems to have a "nervous" component, please complete Dr Wilson's Adrenal Fatigue Assessment here and then email me your scores and include details of any relevant lifestyle and medical information, including how best to contact you.  I will respond with some initial recommendations.

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