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Saturday, November 13, 2010

I have the dreaded hemorrhoids!

Hi Gary

I wanted to run something past you before I sign myself up for something that may leave me worse off.

I’ve had a little problem on and off for 3 years, the dreaded hemorrhoids!!

Just went to the specialist today- yes camera and all, he wants to inject them to shrink them- is that the best and only method or can I do something a little more natural and less invasive??

I’m rarely ever constipated, probably exertion related.
"R" (Longtime competitive athlete).

Yes, probably exertion related.

Exhausting exercise depletes the body of many minerals as a consequence of profuse sweating and increased demands from the exertion itself and consequent tissue damage.

The end result can be the weakening collagen and adrenal fatigue, the combination of which can be seen as distended veins and pooling of venous blood.  This may appear as distended veins in the calves and feet when standing still.  In its extreme it may show as varicose veins and hemorrhoids in the otherwise apparently healthy person.

Athletes with this condition typically present as being excessively tired with poor recovery.

The natural way to deal with these health issues is to restore healthy adrenal function if there is any indication of adrenal fatigue and to restore the mineral balance. The two tools for achieving these is tthe Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and and Adrenal Fatigue Recovery Programme.  You will need to contact me directly for more information about these.

Should you have the surgery?
Natural therapies usually take a long time to work - sometimes years. So, if the hemorrhoids are causing discomfort, then surgery may be the first action; but do the natural therapies to restore good health over the longterm.

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