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Friday, December 03, 2010

Moller Family wins the Taupo Huka 80km mountain bike relay race

Alofa cycling to victory
Yes, its official folks - we won!

Not without there first being an official investigation of the result.  You see, at 57 years old I should not be finishing the first leg (40km) in 1hr 49m, 40 minutes ahead of the next relay rider.  In fact, I caught the tail end of the Pro Elite riders who had started a 20 minutes ahead of me. I should not have been hammering over 99% single track averaging over 20km/hr. Not at my age anyway.

"Act your age Moller!"

Alofa put in a solid performance, despite repeatedly dropping her chain, to hold on for the win by about seven minutes.

So, there was an investigation into a "timing irregularity" which has delayed us announcing the results.

Alofa and I are the winners.  Its official: I did not cheat - No shortcuts.

Thank you Rex and your team at Rocket Bikes, Kilbirnie, Wellington, for the great mechanical support and technical advice which you have given us over the last two years.  Alofa and I are racing on Merida 96 mountain bikes purchased from Rocket Bikes.

These winning performances confirm that I have turned the clock back by about 30 years and Alofa is cranking along very well also.  I am definitely in better cardiovascular and muscular health than I was in my 20s.  The stop watch does not lie.

This is further confirmation of the effectiveness of the scientific application of the ICL Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, plus our own special kind of body work.

And, did you know this: I am doing much less training nowadays as compared to what I used to do.  This process of recovery of health and rebuilding strength began at about 50 years age and is ongoing.

The goal is to die healthy - A long time from now!

For an athlete to perform consistently well over many years, the first rule is he/she must be healthy - Do so and the performances will come - Naturally.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations Gary & Alofa - a great accomplishment and testimony to how fit you really are. You give me a good example to follow. Thanks and God bless. Robert

Anonymous said...

Oh the audacity to call you guys cheats! That is appalling - shame on them for not recognising that with hard work & good health comes results! Congratulations guys. Rebecca A :)

Gary Moller said...

Hi Rebecca and thanks for the compliment.

The organisers were paying me a compliment really. They were nice and polite about it and were right to ensure all the results are legitimate.

My performance was so out of the ordinary that they had to question it - I did!

I almost fell off my bike when I caught and passed the stragglers from the pro race and then was stunned to enter the 40km transition 20 minutes faster than expected.

Anonymous said...

Aah yea of such little faith - I'm not're made of good stock & I saw for myself what old men are capable of achieving in this year's Crazyman! Hehe :)

But yes it is a compliment, albeit perhaps a tad backhanded, so you & Alofa should feel very proud indeed!

Perhaps next year, being the rocket on pedals that you are, you should not be such a slacker & do the entire 80km yourself eh! Hubby assures me there is not many hills so I'm sure it'd be a walk in the park :)

Take care & have a wonderful Christmas :) Rebecca

Eric Bakker ND said...


You would have to be possibly the fittest 57yr old fellow I know in all of New Zealand. It is good to see a practitioner who actually eats, lives and breathes what he stands for, health, wellbeing and fitness.
Eric Bakker ND