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Monday, January 17, 2011

A case of massive bruising on the thighs after a deep tissue massage

I gave "XXXX" (who I've been training and put on a health kick) a massage yesterday. She hasn't had a deep tissue massage before so obviously I didn't go too hard out on her. but she came out with MASSIVE bruises on her thighs where I was doing some deep work.

It looks pretty brutal like shes been beaten but I wasn't massaging very hard at all so think that this is quite strange as I have never given someone bruises like that before...any ideas why this would be? I feel kinda bad, like I've done something wrong, even though I don't think I have.
The bruising you describe is common among women.  Often they may bruise merely from gently bumping against a piece of furniture.  Men, on the other hand, tend to bruise much less.  It is to do with estrogen and all to do with vitamin C and copper (Cu).

A lack of vitamin C and a deficiency of Cu have similar effects on the body.  A copper deficiency mimics scurvy, causes bleeding gums and bruising.  Vitamin C requirements increase when an overabundance of Cu builds up in the body.  This increased demand can for vitamin C can also lead to signs of scurvy.

Because vtiamin C is antagonistic to Cu, it should not be taken in large doses until Cu levels have been evaluated (Via a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis).

Incidentally, vitamin C can be helpful to combat viral infections; but it should be noted that a Cu deficient person can increase in susceptibility of bacterial infections by ingesting too much vitamin C!

Estrogen is closely associated with Cu: when the level of one rises, so does the other.  Many women taking oral contraceptives and some intrauterine devices have high Cu.  Hence the much greater tendency to bruise.

Before massaging a woman, it pays to have a look at your client's arms and thighs for tell-tale signs of bruising.  If there is bruising, ask them if they bruise easily and question them about their diet, supplements and medication, especially contraceptives.  You are looking for lack of, or excess intake of vitamin C and/or sources of excess copper accumulation such as an estrogen-based contraceptive.  Causes may be a Cu intrauterine contraceptive or even a Cu bracelet.

If there are signs of a nutrient imbalance, there is a good case for doing a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and prescribing some supplements along with dietary modifications.  Changing to a different contraceptive may be discussed with her doctor.

Massaging, in these cases, needs to be quite gentle to start with and gradually done firmer from session to session, while taking care to keep visible bruising to the minimum.

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