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Monday, January 10, 2011

Feedback from a farmer with arsenic toxicity (poisoning)

A lifetime of working the land of "Clean and Green" New Zealand
After years of being told by professionals that my tests were o.k , my problem being my age was catching up with me and my condition was just the aging process. I was not content with this so I employed “Google “, resulting in Gary’s web site in front of me.

His introduction resonated my problems so I decided it was worth a try. After a discussion with him I was on the way... My hair tissue mineral analysis started me on a change of diet and eating habits. I started the new regime in early November, by December I noticed I had a lot more energy, the skin on my hands wasn’t peeling, sores were healing quickly and my legs weren’t tired when I was walking or climbing hills. Mentally I was always “getting around to it “ putting off jobs , now things are being done straight away. The body has the “get up and go” feeling again, I’m not lazing around or channel surfing.

I highly recommend Gary’s analysis and course especially for those who have worked with metals and the land, including fencing.

Graeme Rowley
Whirinaki, Napier (Published with consent)
Thank you Graeme for the feedback and thank you Google.

What's the point of working your butt off, only to hit retirement age broken and burned?  Is the fatigue and illness really uncontrollable ageing, or is it something to do with your environment and lifestyle?  In most cases, those age-related ailments are far from mysteries and all to do with factors you can correct.  Without resorting to health-destroying drugs.

When you look at Graeme's Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis you can tell that he has done a lot of work with treated timber (fencing) and doing handy work on the farms for many years.

The arsenic is probably from treated fence posts.  The aluminium may be from sprays or fumes from cutting torches.  The iron is probably from cutting metal as might the manganese and cobalt.  The titanium and molybdenum may be from heating grease with torches as happens when doing repairs to farm machinery.

Typically, people who are exposed to these toxins start to feel very, very tired despite their active lives.  They may begin to suffer degenerative diseases such as heart fibrillations, prostatitis, high blood pressure and skin cancers (arsenic may actually be the leading cause of skin cancer in New Zealand).

These people become couch potatoes, fatten and eventually die, leaving the farm to their widow.

Arsenic toxicity is widespread in New Zealand and Australia because of our huge reliance on treated timber.  Arsenic accumulates and ruins health by stealth.  It wipes out zinc and selenium and this leads to two notable diseases: Prostate and skin cancer.  Both are preventable; but acknowledging the role of treated timber in these diseases is an unpleasant truth.  Other significant sources of arsenic include Roxarsone which is fed to just about every factory farmed chicken and pig in New Zealand and Australia.  Yuk!

Now in his 60's Graeme had a new lease of life and loving it!

Keep up the good work Graeme and thanks for the Heads Up!

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