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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Is Fluoride good for you?


Anyone with a good knowledge of the rat poison fluoride could be well qualified for this job!

“The National Coordinator will provide leadership and direction to the National Water Fluoridation Support and Coordination Service.

This is a new initiative based at Regional Public Health in Lower Hutt. The Service will support local councils and DHBs with factually accurate information about water fluoridation and its benefits. The service is being delivered through a consortium of organisations and a key role of the Coordinator will be to ensure good relationships and effective communication with a wide range of stakeholders. Knowledge and experience in health promotion and oral health are desirable to assist in ensuring efficient, effective and user-focussed service delivery.

This position is a permanent full time role.”

If they were adding CaF2 (Calcium Fluoride) in near homeopathic doses, rather than toxic NaF (Sodium Fluoride), then I would be happy.

Sodium Fluoride, which is added to municipal water supplies world-wide, is a highly toxic by-product of aluminium smelting.  It is at least 50 times as toxic as naturally occurring Calcium Fluoride.

In the human Calcium Fluoride is contained in the cells of the upper skin, in the tooth enamel, in the surface of bones, as well as in all elastic fibres.  Its actions are striking: Hardened tissues become soft and smooth; flappy tissue becomes elastic.

In the presence of Calcium Fluoride deficiency, cracked hands and excessive horn production on the hands and feet are striking.  Other signs include:
  • Cracked, scabbed, dry, brown tongue.
  • Dice-like wrinkles on the hands and face.
  • Flappy skin on the elbows, arms and hands.
  • Hard warts.
  • Flat feet.
  • Haemorrhoids.
  • Arteriosclerosis.
  • Varicose veins
  • Hard goitre.
  • Disk related back pain.
  • Joint problems.
While Sodium Fluoride may or may not toughen teeth, the toxicity of this unnaturally occurring substance far outweighs any benefit.  Unfortunately, the nutritionally essential Calcium Fluoride is caught up in all the hoopla over Sodium Fluoride.  

Deficiency in Calcium Fluoride is widespread.

So, why don't they put Calcium Fluoride into our water?  I think the reasons why are:

  • Calcium Fluoride is insoluble, so it would probably leave a white residue on everything.
  • Sodium Fluoride is abundant and dirt cheap.
  • There is a powerful industry lobby that would have a major toxic waste disposal problem on their collective hands, if they could no longer feed it (Sodium Fluoride) to Humans!
  • The health bureaucrats who are aligned with aluminium industry interests are either ignorant of the critical differences between Sodium Fluoride and what naturally occurs in our bodies (Calcium Fluoride), or they simply do not care.

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Anonymous said...

The rat poison in our water

There are so many myths and assumptions surrounding putting fluoride in water that in a heavily fluoridated country like New Zealand, many people go into a state of incredulous disbelief if they are told that our water supply is being poisoned

While the issue of whether fluoride reduces dental decay is often debated when discussing this topic (it doesn't- in fact it actually increases tooth decay, this is a just a distraction from the real issues - fluoride is put in the water to create a profitable way to dispose of a lethal industrial by-product, and to make the population more submissive

It's a difficult subject for many people to look into with an open mind, because if fluoride really is toxic, they would have to then question many of their other assumptions about the society we live in. "It must be good for us, otherwise 'they' wouldn't put it in the water.."

"Even in small quantities, sodium fluoride is a deadly poison to which no effective antidote has been found. Every exterminator knows that it is the most efficient rat-killer"
- Charles Perkins - October 1954

also see:

Anonymous said...

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” — Mahatma Gandhi

Wayne said...

like table salt, sodium fluoride is industrial waste - ill informed and or ruthless people looking to make a buck from what equates to sewerage - marketed them both as important nutrients, once enough people in power swalllowed the argument it has been near impossible to remove them from our exposure to them.
like doctors who pedal drugs, like the dr who once tried to give me statins when i had chronic fatigue, telling me they were harmless. at the time i was ignorant but i smelt a rat in the fat he was very quick to pedal them to me without even running any tests on me and i declined them and years later found out that they are highly toxic as well.....

Anonymous said...

Hey Gary, I appreciate all the good articles you do. One query though, I not seen many references to where you get your information from, and the population studies they are based on.

Gary Moller said...

My main reference regarding the use of calcium fluoride and other tissue salts, is my copy of a physician's desk reference book "Facial Diagnostics" by Peter Emmrich, published by Weg zur Gesundheit Verlag Gmbh, Germany, ISBN 3-925207-06-6.

This handbook is based on the original research and therapies of Dr W H Schuessler. I obtained it during a most fascinating course on the use of tissue salts therapy, so not sure as to its availability.

When we are talking about calcium fluoride as part of therapy, we are referring to very tiny doses, probably much lower concentrations than the sodium fluoride that comes via our water supplies.

According to Dr Les Fisher, Director of Active Elements PTY, who has over 40 years fulltime experience dispensing tissue salts, calcium fluoride is at least 50 times less toxic than sodium fluoride.

One question I have yet to answer adequately is this: "If huge doses of calcium fluoride is obtained via toothpaste and equal doses of sodium fluoride via our water, then how does that affect concurrent homeopathic treatments?"

I hope to have this answer for you soon. I need to know as much as others do.

Just a point: calcium fluoride therapy is never on its own (In my case anyway). It is one of a combination of tissue salts.