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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another example of how to reduce cholesterol without resorting to harmful drugs

" She reports that her cholesterol levels and ratios have markedly improved since the last checkup about a year ago. She attributes that to the supplements, plus minor dietary changes involving more salt and eating the fat along with the meat she already was eating. She has also dropped a few pounds which pleases her, too!"
(Happy Hubby writing to Gary)

Here are her cholesterol records:

Reduction of Cholesterol without medication

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis for a 57 year old female.  Underlying factors for cholesterol abnormalities
are apparent.

Readers will be aware of my opinion about cholesterol reducing drugs (statins): Harmful and mostly unnecessary.

People with elevated cholesterol are terrorised into taking these drugs, frequently suffering serious harm in the process.

There are healthy alternatives as demonstrated in this and previous cases that have been reported in this blog.  It is possible to have a diet that includes animal fats while actually achieving a healthy cholesterol profile.

Her hair analysis profile (above) indicated low adrenal and thyroid function, low iron, low manganese and issues to do with zinc metabolism.  Mercury is of a sufficient level to interfere with zinc, selenium and iron metabolism.  These may all be contributors to cholesterol abnormalities.

Measures were put in place to correct her nutritional imbalances, including some supplements and dietary changes which included adding back salt and fat into her diet and removing most refined carbohydrates and low fat milk, soy milk and so on.

The final ingredient was a large serving of "patience".

The results speak for themselves - cholesterol normalises.  No side effects other than looking good and feeling great!

An interesting side benefit has been the weight loss, strengthening my view that the "Obesity Epidemic" is being driven by the "99% Fat-Free" movement.  Both began at almost exact times - about 1980.  When we add fat and protein back into a person's diet, it is usual that they lose excess fat.

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